Chairperson - Dr. Arun Kumar Agarwal

Dear friends ,
Greetings! On behalf of Neurology Chapter of IAP

It has been my pleasure to accept once again the responsibility of Chairperson of Neurology chapter of IAP from 1st January 2018. The chapter has worked remarkable well since inception for welfare of children in all the directions of neurological welfare.

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Office Bearers 2018

  • Chairperson - Dr Arun Agrawal
  • Chairperson elect 2019 - Dr. K. P. Sarbhai (Raipur)
  • Imm. past chairperson - Dr. Anand Kesavan
  • Secretary - Dr. Sanjeev Joshi
  • Treasurer - Dr. Ashwani Agrawal (Raipur)
  • Ex. Board members: - Dr. Vijay Jain, Dr. Ravishankara, Dr. Pawan Ghanghoriya , Dr. Lokesh Lingappa , Dr. Jitendra Sahu.
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