Chairperson - Dr. K. P.Sarbhai

Dear friends ,
Greetings! On behalf of Neurology Chapter of IAP

It is my proud privilege to be the chairperson of the prestigious chapter of pediatric neurology.

I wish to thank all the members of the chapter for their direct and indirect contribution in the growth of the chapter.

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News & Notes

Office Bearers 2019

  • Chairperson - Dr. K. P. Sarbhai
  • Chairperson elect 2020 - Dr Lokesh Lingappa
  • Imm. past chairperson - Dr. Arun Agrawal
  • Secretary - Dr. Vasant Khalatkar
  • Treasurer - Dr. Ashwani Agrawal (Raipur)
  • Ex. Board members: - Dr. Anoop Verma , Dr. PAM Kunjoo, Dr. Sanjeev Joshi, Dr. Kalpana Dutta, Dr. Jitendra Sahu
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