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Welcome to Neurology Chapter of IAP

Message from the President

Dr.Arun Kumar Agarwal Dear colleagues,
Greetings! On behalf of Neurology Chapter of IAP It is my proud privilege to be the chairperson of the prestigious chapter of pediatric neurology.
I wish to thank all the members of the chapter for their direct and indirect contribution in the growth of the chapter.

The executive board has important role in planning and execution of year long academic programs, but in my chairmanship every member of the chapter should consider himself an executive and is free to convey ideas for implementation to uplift the chapter activity.

The chapter is committed to work for the welfare of the children and has succeeded in doing so in the guidance of all the previous chairpersons and secretaries of the chapter, and I wish to keep the flag high this year as well..

Our chapter is working hard to prepare management protocols, acceptable to all , for various neurological ailments. I wish to transfer the skill to general pediatrician.

Chapter organized extremely successful national conference at Gurugram convened by Dr.Shaiffali Gulati ,Prof.of AIIMS Delhi.This conference was a landmark in history of the chapter. This year the annual conference is at Hyderabad in the organizing chairmanship of Dr. Lokesh Lingappa , who incidentally is also the chairperson elect of the chapter.

We have already planned three CME this year in different parts of the country. The aim of the chapter is to make general pediatrician aware of medical advancement and researches and provide them a platform to discuss & share the knowledge and experience from learned and experienced stalwarts in field of neurology.

I am sure , with the help & cooperation of you all , the chapter will grow to new heights this year.
Thanking You,

Dr. K. P. Sarbhai

Chairperson Neurology Chapter IAP 2019
Hon’ Secretary Neurology chapter of IAP 2013-2016
Chairperson Community pediatric chapter: 2017
Treasurer-Pediatric Association of India
Hon’ Secretary Community pediatric chapter of IAP 2009-2012
Past E.B.member Central IAP
Past President C.G. State IAP
Founder Secretary CG State IAP 2000 - 2004